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We are live on Xero
25 Feb, 2022
We are live on Xero
Written by Naseef Ahammed
February 25, 2022

Our ultimate dream of providing free Carbon dashboards to small businesses has now become reality. You can now start your sustainability journey by simply clicking on the button below this post and access our platform!

After a busy couple of months working with Xero (Special thanks to our hero, Ben) to provide the best user experience and highest security standards for the user data with full control of the data in the hands of the user, it feels relieving to now focus on the next part of the dashboard, the premium experience for users.

On this blog, you will be a part of our journey as a young start-up but also hear about our thoughts on climate, business and everything in between. We are coming soon to other platforms including FreeAgent, Quickbooks and SAGE to support small businesses no matter what online accounting platform you are using.

Access your free Carbon Dashboard

Do you want to take your business to Net-Zero? Our Free Carbon Dashboard is your gateway to Sustainability.

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