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The Reshift Team

Our incredible journey pioneering the SDG space in the world of small and medium businesses is dedicated to the dreamers at Reshift.

Our Mission is to bring Planet, People and Leadership at the forefront of Business

Our Journey as a start-up began in December 2019 in Spark InTechnology Incubator at the University of Leeds with the mission of boosting the market transition towards sustainability. As a young team of aspiring entrepreneurs, we are here to disrupt the ESG space. We have since joined Innovate UK and NorthInvest programmes and are now a part of the New York Times Climate Hub and NatWest Climate Accelerator.

Our Awesome Founders

Naseef Ahammed

Naseef Ahammed

Founder & Director

A renewable energy engineer turned entrepreneur, Naseef is also actively involved in the climate activism arena. Find out more here

Shubham Singh

Shubham Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Shubham switched from mechanical engineering to coding out of his passion for the field. He joined Reshift in the early days alongside Naseef.

Our Values

These are the values we live by. Every moment at Reshift, we push ourselves in following our ideals

For the People & Planet

Everything we do at Reshift is for the planet and its people. This means that we are anti-Greenwashing and pro-humanity. Our key concern with the state of today’s business led us into the range of products that we have.

Bring down the barrier

Our ultimate aim is to bring down the barrier for small and medium sized businesses to better understand their impact on the planet and the people they are around. We would like to call ourselves revolutionaries.

Fiery Passion

We are an idealistic bunch of dreamers with a passion for the things we believe in. Check out our blog to learn more about our thinking process.

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