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A short walk-through of the Carbon machine that runs our platform.

Warning: This page may contain some terms for the Carbon geeks

How does our analytics engine work?

We are incredibly proud of our Zero Carbon engine that is now available on the Xero app store. The system analyses your business expenses to identify the sources of Carbon emissions based on the several categories that is sorted by you or your bookkeeper. 

The engine then analyses your direct Carbon emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) and estimates your indirect emissions through a spend-based mechanism according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. What you see is an easy-to-understand Carbon dashboard that comes with a detailed emission database to give you a better understanding of your individual bill emissions.

Sustainability can be overwhelming. We automate it for you.

Easy to Connect

Our sign up process is simple and can be completed in 3 steps.

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If you are a Xero user (More integrations coming soon), we have made a simple 3 step process for you to connect either directly from our platform or the Xero app store. Your free dashboard comes live as soon as you are connected to Xero.

Strategy Building

Are you lost on how to navigate the world of Net Zero policies?

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Our fully automated Net-Zero policy builder will help you create the tailored strategy that fits your company’s long term vision and keeps you accountable through your own Net Zero Policy Dashboard.

Supply Chain Carbon Finder

The ultimate saviour of product-based small businesses.

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Small businesses have always wanted to understand the emissions that are beyond their control within their key product lines. Our supply chain Carbon finder narrates the Carbon story for you.

Offset the Right Way

Go beyond traditional offsetting in our localised Carbon credits system.

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Watch out for our local Carbon partners and offset with a better understanding of the state of your business on its journey towards sustainability.

Free Carbon Dashboard

The revolutionary Carbon dashboard is here, free forever.

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The ultimate tool for small businesses to understand their Carbon emissions is here. The free Carbon dashboard syncs your emissions automatically without you going through the pain of identifying emissions, calculating conversion factors and navigating the tangled web of standard protocols.

Accurate Analysis

We are perfectionists and our data engine is a reflection of us.

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We have devised our own highly accurate direct and utility emission monitoring technology that will empower your business in the sustainability arena. Our spend-based indirect emission estimator is industry-leading and follows methods conforming to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard.

Let everyone know!

Our marketing tools help you avoid the potholes of greenwashing.

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Our transparent marketing tools help you bring your customers on your Net Zero journey while staying away from the potholes of Greenwashing that has seen businesses show their Net Zero credentials without even putting an effort.

Reduce Your Emissions

Your business cannot reduce its emissions without the right partners.

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Our Vendor platform helps your business connect with vendors who can reduce your business emissions, thus boosting your efforts to go Net-Zero!

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